Monday, July 15, 2013

Review on Guardian house brand mask- Aloe, Olive and Arbutin Mask

Hi lovelies,

As most of you should have experience some irritation of skin due to the hazy season in Singapore. i was sponsored by Guardian house brand mask to try out. I tried out the mask consistantly for a week and it have kept my skin condition well conditioned.

This was what was provided!  (I'm always a mask lover, because it always promises better and faster results bringing instant relieve on skin problems)

Skin Type: Combination Skin Type, Redness in cheeks

Olive for Moisture and hydration, Aloe for Revitalised skin, Arbutin for Radiance

  I was provided aorund 10 sheets of guardian face mask. So here's it is....

The mask sheets were still acceptable, but alittle thick not as thin as those taiwan mask i tend to really love and rave, however the mask were filled with essence . So, i use a cotton to soak them up and paste it at areas that are uncovered to maximize the effect.

Anyway this is how i feel after trying out the masks:

Aloe Mask
VERDICT: Its my favourite among the three! I think im a aloe lover when it comes to mask. I definitely can see redness around my cheeks soothe and revitalised. I dont wash off after putting on for 15-20 minutes. I'll just continue with creams and night cream. Next morning, ill get plump up skin. Aloe tends to soothe the redness and acne i have around the brows nowadays! I find that its quite good and affordable for the price less than $2 per piece. I guess they have promo aroud guardian selling 5 for $5/- if they are on sale! Worth it. I'll rate 4/5. (Favourite)

Olive Mask
VERDICT: I find that olive is way moisturing for my combination skin. Still alright, but not as great as the aloe one. I find it alittle sticky thereafter. However, this mask really moisturise and hydrates. No irritation thereafter, despite my sensitive skin! Try if your have dry-normal skin type! I guess you guys will love it. Rate: 3/5 due to combination skin i find this alittle too moisturing.

Arbutin Mask:
VERDICT: Hey this is really good too though. But i tend to have this mask and have my lights off. As i heard from beauty bloggers, when youre doing an arbutin whitening mask, the lights should be off, else it will not maximize the effect. So i tried this mask on after putting  my arbutin face essence. This really helps with black and brown marks! ill rate it at 4/5.

Anyway, gurdian really provides and offer a whole lot of masks from korea. You guys can check them out! Or even go check out their facebook to keep you updated on any guardian news. Check that: Facebook Guardian SG!

See you soon peeps!

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