Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Review Post On Sana's Nameraka Honpo Whitening Lotion

Hey everyone, today i'm going to share with you an awesome product that i have been trying for the past one week. It's the Sana's Nameraka Honpo Whitening Lotion!

Okay, Lets start! Are you already excited like how i do? Okay, how i discovered Sana in the first place? As i have sensitive, combination and acne prone skin type, im super cautious with what im putting on my face. So, usually i go for products which are made of natural ingredients or most probably fragrance-free, oil -free, alcohol-free, paraben free. Basically, as you know japanese skincare have been known to be famous for its gentle on skin philosophy yet it's affordable and most importantly, it works!


Sana's Nameraka lotion:

1) Soy Bean which is called "Isaflavone" from "Pirrka Snow" from Hakkaido. In addition, it have a double concentrate of soy milk fermented than its old packaging.
2) Arbutin, a whitening agent. This have been a highly raved agent for brightening and whitening. In additon, the active substance originated from natural bearberry plant is proven whiten and lighten skin.
3) Nano Penetrating Formula for better absorption
4) No fragrance, No Colourant, No Mineral Oil


The texture is watery and light. When i applied the lotion on, it penetrates and absorbed very quickly into my skin. I really love the feeling after i put on the lotion and tapping my face for another 1-2minutes. It really does softens my skin tremendously and skin feels really smooth and supple! 

However due to the short sampling period, i have not experience the whitening effect from this product. So i might do a better review after i finish this bottle!

Not to forget, i also tried making myself a lotion mask with this lotion. Whereby, I poured the lotion into a few cotton pads and placed it on for 3-5 mins. It really helps to soften my skin and my make up seems to blend in easily.

All in all, i would rate this lotion a 4/5. So grab yours today and try it out, it is available in SG like Sasa, John Little, BHG and selected Guardian Stores.

Good Luck!


Anonymous said...

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Anne said...

hey, is the sana nameraka whitening lotion suitable 4 a 15 yr old girl?

Jasmine Quek said...

@Anne! Thanks for reading my blog. I find that it is really light and it wouldnt be too early to hydrate your skin. However, this is a whitening version. would you wanna go ahead and try their normal soy hyradting lotion? if nothing happens and no irritation, try the whitening one!:) Hope this helps!