Friday, August 24, 2012

Sasatinnie Mask Review

Oh hello again! We girls never get enough of masks you know. Im a addict with face mask, but im really cautious with what i put on as i do have sensitive and yet acne prone skin. Really very troublesome i tell you.

All thanks to Sasa, i got a chance to try out their house brand mask. I am really excited about it actually! So if you're interested feel free to read further, to find out how i feel about their house brand mask!

The below were the items i got to try out:

The packaging might look alittle plain. But, do not underestimate them. As the results are kind of amazing i tell you. I was too excited to try out the mask and the one i first tried on was the Aloe & Olive. The mask does contain a light perfume smell and it was somehow like olive smell. What i really love about was how it adheres and fits nicely onto my skin. So after a good 20 minutes, i felt that my skin feel really soft and supple. I really love the effect thereafter, kind of soothe my acne and no irritation i experience the next day. (PS: Sorry scaring you guys with a mask-on face)

After a week, i actually tried out the brightening Truffle Brightening Silky MaskTruffle Brightening Silky Mask!
What i love about this mask was it actually contains : Licorie and Mulburry Extract. This agent really brightens and whitens skin really well.
In addition, with the moisture-locking 0.2 mm feather-like cotton made of plant fibre from Japan that holds 100% essence. This allows my skin to soak up nourishing goodness really well. Also, it adheres really well, just like how the Aloe & Olive one works. But after this mask, my skin feels brightened but acne seems like still kind of red. So i find that this range might not suit me that well. However, the brightening effect was also a temporary one, last only a few days. So, my preference would definitely be the one in Aloe & Olive Mask. Love the fact, how it soothe my acne without agitating it.
I have took a close up actually. Sorry for being silly, but i really think it does brightened and moisturised my skin.
All in all, do hope to try out more of their mask, as they do have a wide range of mask that caters for different skin types. Do check it out at SASA stores ok?

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