Saturday, May 18, 2013

Liese Bubble Hair Color Jewel Pink New Colour In Japan!

People say if girls trim their hair, it will make her healthier.
If they dye their hair, it will not only freshened up the look and make them look younger.
If they do something about it like rebond, curl or treat it, it will give them different look.
There's no ugly women in the world, only lazy ones.
So we must remember, hair care/new hairdo is an essential part of beauty regime.

The must have brand for touch up would definitely be LIESE bubble dye, its been the best ever DIY dye i have seen in the market. As the foams reaches all over the head and you can achieve beautiful, evenly colored hair easily. I eventually gave up other brands that i tried before like Revlon, Loreal Etc. As they cannot give me a even dyed hair afterall. Tips: Even my salon hairdresser thought my  DIY liese dyed hair was done in a salon! I think its looks kind of professionally done.

SGD19.90 is all you need. Big thumps up to Japan Innovation of bubble dye.

Recently, i was sponsored by Ekmedia and Liese for the new hair colour - Liese Bubble Hair Color (Jewel Pink), its the newest colour in Japan!

Jewel Pink - a shiny brown with a touch of pink ( I'm really afraid that i would turn outrageously pink) Lets see the process:
Lets Pamper your hair with a new shade that's deserving for this coming Summer time in Singapore!

Lets start the process:
Watch this video on how to dye your hair with liese bubble dye.
I watch this while doing- Tutorial (How to do video)
Before: Original hair colour black, under sun lighting.
Tips: Most importantly, remember not to shake vigourously and cover the foam all over your hair. I wore a clothes (that can be thrown away later). I cut the neckline out as well. Wait for 20-30min. I waited around 20 minutes, if you do not want the colour to be so bright.

After: Touch of glossy brown, lucky the pinkish touch was quite insignificant!


End result, i kind of still prefer liese colours like platinum brown, marshmallow brown as i feel that reddish pink tone dont really suit my yellowish skin! But, this is something new i tried, you might wanna try out if you love glossy brown hairdye as its really fun and easy!

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I don't understand this review.

Why are you using filters while showing off the new color? I can't even see the real color because of the stupid filters!!

Jasmine Quek said...

Thanks for the comments. ill take your comments into consideration. Apologies, that i did use filters for some of the picture, but it didn't change the color for the hair dye. :)