Friday, September 27, 2013

Nivea Extra White Mud Foam Review

Do you know that frequent make-up without proper cleansing will result chemical residues to be clogged in your pores. In a long run, it causes our skin to be vulnerable, dull and even worst causing outbreaks easily? But with our hectic lifestyle in Singapore, sometimes you just want to skip double cleansing and switch to a cleanser that removes all types of make –up reside? Yes, there’s something I would like to introduce to you guys, if you worry that frequent make-up & improper cleansing regimes will take a toll on your skin, the newly launch NIVEA Extra White Mud Foam will put those worries away.


Something special about this product upon my first application is that the texture, it’s a mud-texture! I never tried something like this before. This is a delicate solution for oily and dull skin delivers protection from make-up damage. Great for someone with oily to normal skin type I would say, as it takes facial cleansing to the next level with the White Mud Foam, thoroughly removes excess oil and accumulated make-up residue on my skin. So washing my face seems like I’m using mud mask treatment! It offers deep cleansing, nourishment, and effective protection from dullness and damage caused by frequent use of make-up.

Mud Benefits:
·        Detoxify and tone skin, and as an anti-inflammatory agent for skin disorders.

·        Contains nutrients, trace elements, and various minerals, and the body absorbs it easily.

·        Help pores look smaller by removing pore clogging impurities.

·        The minerals in mud are highly effective for oil absorption and for toning the skin

·        Reduces signs of aging and wrinkles

·        Improve circulation and helps to clear acne


1. Fine and gentle mud foam, 100% free of substances that weaken the skin. Also it does not contain any ingredients that thin the skin. I wash my face 2-3 times a day with this, so far no tight effect after washing.

2. Unclogs skin pores by removing 10 types of make-up residues: oil, powder, concealer, blush-on, eye shadow, silicon primer, eyeliner, powder, moisturizing cream residue and sun block residue. Now, let me show you a test I did with brand XYZ cleanser and Nivea’s white mud foam to showcase how well it removes traces of make-ups.

First, with brand XYZ cleanser:
(Note: I had a hard time scrubbing off traces of make-ups. It does cleanse my skin, but I still find traces of make-up lying around. Yew, gross! Imagine sleeping with traces of make-up on, what will be the result in a long run?) So, XYZ is not doing a good job in removing all the traces of my make- up.

Let’s try the same method with Nivea white Mud foam:
Note that in just a few swipes and without exerting any force in removing, my waterproof eyeliner just came off easily. I’m super impressed! Although, it does remove the make-up really well, I would still recommend you guys to use a separate make up eye/face remover or even cleansing wipes so as not to aggravate our skin further. This cleanser gives extra assurance that all traces of make-up is off our face after cleansing! Thumbs up!

3. NIVEA’s exclusive Pearly White formula delivers 10 times whitening efficacy, which is proven to be superior to Vitamin C, diminishing spots and freckles within 7 days* Yes, I can see signs of brightening effect on my face after just one wash. Tried them on my wrist as well, and there you have it, I feel that the whitening effect is quite significant. Look at the (R) hand. And the cleansed with Nivea white foam (L) hand. It seems to take off the dullness!! J (If you know what I meant)

Use a dime size amount and lather into foam. Wash your face with this cleanser AM/PM.
To sum up, just to let you know that NIVEA VISAGE uses ingredients inspired by nature to create high performing products that work in perfect harmony with your skin – to help you look and feel you’re most beautiful. There you have it, I can be proud to say that I have loyal Nivea user for up to 10 years and their products never fail to disappoint me, just love the fact that it promises great result and yet affordable. Thumbs up yeas? (Anyway, just a side track I’m a loyal Nivea whitening lotion user) And do you know that it is a no1 skin care trusted brand and also have been remaining as the biggest mass-market skincare and toiletries brand in the world encompassing face care, body care, deodorant, sun care, lip care, hand care, men’s grooming and baby care products.


Nivea White Mud Foam Retails at $8.90 at Watsons, Guardian & NTUC Fairprice outlets! And if you would like to be updated on any Nivea products, feel free to “like” the Nivea SG page @! See you there J

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Yumie said...

Thank you for the review! It's very helpful. I can say the same thing about this product which I just bought yesterday and on first application I realized that my face brightened a bit and felt cleaner. 😄