Thursday, July 04, 2013

LoveMore New Zealand Kiwi Acnes All Out Set (Promotional Price) Shout Out

Featured on "Nu ren wo zui da" and highly recommended by my friends about the LoveMore New Zealand Kiwi Acnes Set!

It can be used on both men and women. (I am going to try this on Bf's and my nose to have white heads and black head off!) Seriously, i havent try any products that really impress me for removing blackheads and whiteheads. FYI I have been using the Etude house green tea strips, Etude's Charcoal heating mask, results were not very significant!) PS. Sorry Etude, although i really love your cosmetics and collagen lotion etc.

Since i have been supporting so much and raving on taiwan mask sheets like MBD, lovemore or even sexy look mask! (Read my review on LoveMore Sexy Look Review & Lovemore and Sexylook Mask Review2 I bet this must be a good product!


Lets welcome July with clean and great skin!

I was invited to share the promotion news that is now going on @ Click here:


Lovemore Kiwi Acnes All Out Set now only at S$10.90 (U.P S$ 24.90, save $17.90!). 

1. Simply key in  “lucky7” during check-out.
2. Promotions for first 200 orders only,
3. Promotion expires on 5 July 2013 midnight.

Claims to:
  • Acne can be removed completely turning your skin smooth immediately. 
  • After the removal of acne, the skin will not be dry but moisture is retained on the skin. Natural kiwi fruit extract prevents further proliferation of acne.
  • Pores become smaller to achieve the full effect of acne removal.
  • The natural kiwi extract removes dead skin cells too while removing acne. 
  • The dark skin caused by acne becomes fairer due to the kiwi extract. 
* Cited online (available): on 4th July 2013

So hurry! Grab yours now @$10.90 to soften stubborn whiteheads and blackheads!

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