Monday, September 23, 2013

Vita Hair Supplement

Hi Guys!

Recently, i received an invitation to review Vita Green Vita Hair, the improved version for oral supplement for hair. Hey yes, i gave the supplement to my dad, as i felt that he will need it more than i do.


Suitability: Men and Women.
According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, deficiencies in the blood can also take a heavy toll on hair’s health. Western medicine offers medicine for hair fall but comes with a price of side effects. But fortunately there is a safe, reliable and effective alternative.
Vita Hair helps to prevent hair loss and graying of the hair with a blend of potent herbs formulated according to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. These improve nutritional supply to the hair follicles, regulate hormones and strengthen the kidneys. Vita Hair can also restore graying hair to its original color by stimulating the cells that produce pigmentation.
So, my dad is on his second bottle already. This is what he mentioned:
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Lesser hair fall after which wash
  • Haven't noticed significant hair growth, however it promotes healthier hair

1. Flee Flower- It is useful to tonify the blood and yin. Sufficient nutrients to hair follicies. 
2. Ling Zhi- This is a common chinese herb for insomnia, palpitations, shortness of breath, asthmatic coughs and asthma

3. Mo Han Lian- Improves signs of grey hair

4. Rou Cong Rong- Treat, impotence, constipation

5. Nu Zhen Zi - It benefits liver and kidneys, eases the five yin organs, strengthens the lower back and knees.

6. Gui Ban- Strengthen kideney and liver, improves blood and yin

7. Dong Quai- Traditionally, used to stop hair loss. Have shown to prevent hair loss and enable hair to grow.

8.  Tusizi - nourishes the kidneys, promotes hair growth

9. NuiXi- Tonify the Kidney

Where to get them?

Its sold out for 2 months upon launch in Hong Kong! So, if you wonder where to get them in Singapore? Its available in Watsons and guardian. Seek Advice over the counter if needed :) Hope this helps!

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