Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Review: Sexy Look Escargot Intense Healing Mask & Lovemore Platinum Whitening Eye Patch

In this post, there are 2 new items that i would like to review- Sexylook and Lovemore Masks!
First, im going to review on the new 4D escargot extract mask. Do you know that the beauty treatment is kicking off in Japan where clients have live snails crawl all over their faces? Whereby, The slimy snail facial is supposed to be good for the skin and help reduce the signs of aging. So, i suppose any escargot extract, be it in mask or cream, it so goona be a HG and raved item. (It may look gross, but its beneficial for cell regeneration and healing)
(Picture cited from dailynew.dig)
But, im still afraid to have snails crawling around my face. So whats the resolution to that? A mask that is infused with such goodness will be good enough :)
A newly upgraded Cotton mask with long lasting organic Hyaluronic acid infused in it. For extra moisturising properties and healing properties. This sheet mask comes with Ear hook whereby "4D" effect for duo lifting properties. Additionally, its super soft as you can see it is certified with NCHA, Eco Certificate. I dont think i see this with any other mask sheet in the market. This is the first. With a better quality mask sheet, you do not need to worry if you have sensitive skin, as this is 100% cotton!
Experience After trying on the mask:
  1. Moisturised
  2. Acne and scars lighten. ( This really helps when you have a sudden acne outbreak, as i can see instant result thereafter)
  3. Repairing and healing effect was instant
  4. Lifting effect, feels tight and lifted
  5. Radiant and oil free feeling
  6. Supple, softer and smoother skin! ( I swear i got this result. After putting on the mask, skincare glides on easily into my skin.
  7. Soothing and suitable for sensitive skin
  8. Brighter Skin the next day
Next, i tried on the Lovemore Platinum whitening Eye Patch.
Now, I can tackle my unsightly dark eye circles with this hydrogel cooling eye patch. Leaving on for 15 to 20 mins makes a whole lot of difference. Infused with Melanin Production, with diamond powder to whiten and brighten the eye area. Adding on, platinum and snow lotus extract to bring sparkle to the eyes! This is eye is a slimy cooling patch, so you cant find lots of essence on it. It a gel patch but super cooling when placed under eyes.
Tips: Put the Mask in the refridgerator 30 minutes before using. Your under eyes will thank you for just that little action.

1. Cooling and relaxing
2. Less Concealing needed the next day, BB cream does the job!
3. I wouldnt say this lightened tremendously, but i can see its helps to brighten my eye area.
4. Soothe my tired eyes
All in all, im enjoying the masks! If you wanna try them out too but not sure where to get them. You can get them through! Do support them, as they always bring in the best Taiwan mask, that i always love and supported.
For more updates you can also like their FB page @ and You can also read about my other post on lovemore and sexylook mask review i did on a earlier days @Lovemore/sexylook Mask Review ! Thanks for reading :)

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