Monday, June 03, 2013

A royal treat with Bio-essence Royal Jelly + ATP for a V- Shape Face

This Season, everyone would like to achieve a V Shape face, hence i really thank Bio essence for sending me a series of their newly innovated series........

The Royal Jelly & ATP Shape V Face Series

This series has innovatively blended bio energy fluid, Mineral Amino Acid Essence also ingriedients such as Ginseng, Aloe, Angelica and Royal Jelly & ATP to achieve the V shape and firmer face.

PS. i really love how their Spring waters works on me!

Firstly, tried the Exfoliating Gel
Smells like honey and the consistency is a gel like yellowish form. It gentle to the skin, however, i have sensitive skin is only do it once a week. Exfoliating is really great for the skin as it removes the dirt and dead cells on the skin to reveal younger looking skin! However, my favourite exfoliating still goes to Cure natural aqua gel, that ive been using for the last 6 mths. Its really super gentle to my skin!

Second, apply on the Bio-essence Radiant Youth Essence
Im never someone who applies serum in my daily routine, as i always dislike something oily on my face. The first reaction i tried this on is "Why is this so oily?" and im kind of disappointed, but after rubbing it in. IT REALLY SMOOTHEN out my skin and my skin feels really soft. This is filled with green tea and packed with anti-oxidant! I really love this alot among the 3 products!
Lastly, a lifting Cream that locks all the moisture!

They said over 6,000,000 bottles sold! So i know the secret behind their lifted skin hur? Its bio essence Lifting cream! i seen gradual improvement on my smile lines and jaw line! however, i felt that this comes kind of oily for my skin type- Oily/combination skin. Hence, i pass this to my mum and she's loving it! After a week of use, she told me that she can feel that her skin is much firmer and supple!

Overal Verdict

Skincare is skin deep. Everyone have different skin type and different concerns. Im still in search of my best skincare regime. how about you? Overall i really enjoyed the BioEssence essence and will definitely recommend it!

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