Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pictorails of updates

Hihi lovelies. Updating my recent activities!
#OOTD in Hong Kong day2, the weather was chilly.
Recently, saw my fav cleanser in singapore in the watson catalogue! finally! im super elated and why? Bioderma! The best cleansing water ive ever used have been sticking to it for 1 1/2year? 500ML in Singapore now, Super happy as i waited so long for this to happen. 250ml is selling in guardian all the while, but i used it up quite quickly, its gentle and non irritating. It very popular in Hong kong, Japan, France. Got a hard time to stock up when im in Hk the other time. Always OUT OF STOCK. makes me so disappointed. Anyway, finally in SG, i use this every single day, even when having no make up on. It really cleanses SO so so so well! Love it!

#OOTD of my sis and myself. MBS staycation, had fun that night!

Lastly, infinity pool swimming during the 8pm. :)
Anyway, im blogging from phone and its actually working! shall blog more soon!

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