Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Review on But, Becky Mask Raw Job Tears Mask

Hey Everyone,

Do you know lin chi ling, a taiwanese model secret to beauty? I remenber she once mentioned on some channel, she drinks braley water ( Yi Ren Shui  薏仁) And that, partly contribute to her glowly skin :)

I believe that and hence did some research myself.

Coixseed is also commonly used in many formulas for arthritis and rheumatism since these conditions are associated with excess moisture. Coixseed can enhance the function of the kidney, clean up the heat and promote urination. As a result, it is also very helpful for the patients who suffer from edema. Chinese pearl barley is used as a traditional Chinese tonic for primarily the skin, lungs, and the spleen.

There's so many health benefits to raw job tears.

So, its also very good in form of beauty mask. It helps in whitening and soothe the skin due to any redness.

Tried the But Becky Mask, endorsed by Aaron Yan, the mask is mild and even suitable for sensitive skin.

It covers neck line and brings a lifting effect towards my skin. I find that it does brighten my skin after 1 application. Hope to put on more But,becky this week. Remenber that whitening needs to be consistent but not too much, else the skin cause break outs.

So far, i have not seen alot of mask in the market that enriched with Raw Job tears, only Naruko and My beauty diary and now But, becky! Loving Tawain mask, they just suits my skintype.

Now, you can like But Becky FB for more details and if you would like to try out this mask, u can try getting it from Watsons or Secretive SG to get more of taiwan's masks :)

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