Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jan 2013 Random updates

Hi January 2013, it's been sometime since i last visited this space. I'll just update in a random manner.

Last 2 weeks, its been a rather dready and tough week for me as im having (Term5) final papers namely International Business and E-commerce paper. I having been mugging real hard, hence the reason to my absence. i find that IB paper was rather tough, the context was broad and i couldnt managed to cover the entire book. Now, im rather worried for the paper.

Oh yes, before my final papers, it was my asssignment submission due date. Ran out of printer ink, time was against us. Went national library hoping to get it print, luck was not on us. They do not allow any external thumbdrive to be inserted into their libraries PC. God knows, its been a long time since i go to the library to use their PC. But in the end, we still managed to get it done. Oh yes, im not sure what happened to me. Panic and cried that night, was a rather tough day. Aftermath, went to Winebros, met up with some friends.

Not to forget, celebrated my mum's B'day on the 25th. We had a simple celebration. Great dinner plus her all time favourite cake.

YAY. final 2 more modules and im officially graduating!

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