Sunday, October 27, 2013

Part 2- Guardian X Japan BeautiScience - Black Vinegar & Ume Review

Hey Hello beauty mates, I'm back for part 2.

To continue from the previous post on supplements that i am given to try, this time round i am going to share my experience with the BeautiScience - Black Vinegar & Ume supplement! Its comes with a 60 day supply, where i need to take 3 pills a day. Targets weight management, skin health and digestive health.

So, this is the product itself!

Black Vinegar & Ume Supplement

It is made from authentic black Rice Ume. A Plum that is traditionally used in Japanese diets, so incorporating black vinegar and Ume not only contains amino acid that helps to support the body to function, it is also ideal to take after a rich meat diet! A good choice if you're someone who have heavy meals all the while.

This helps to protect the digestive system and support the fat metabolism rate. With that, it builds proteins for supporting good skin too!

So far, Ive been loving how small the capsule is. And, ill only take them when i have a heavy meal earlier! It helps to make me feel less bloated, which is a plus!

Where to get?

All the Japanese Beautiscience products can be found in Guardian, so do check them out if you're searching for item which targets  weight management healthily.

So, See you soon for my part 3 review! Do check out guardian facebook page for more updates! Guardiansg

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