Monday, June 17, 2013

Liese Daily Enhance Styling Series- Straight Hair Style

Last month, i received a package from Liese! Loving their sponsors! Anyway, i was offered to try out their newly lauched Daily Enhance Styling Series either the Straight or Wave version. I am more than excited to try out the straight hair version one.

Liese Daily Enhance Styling Series is the new basic styling aid that is easy to use and great for those who wish for a tamed mane for the everyday occasion. Even without styling experience, the new range helps you achieve that neat style in just five minutes.

Like i have mentioned, i have frizzy hair especially my fringe left and right. I have rebonded hair, im not lucky to have natural straight hair. So i have much more frizzy and dry ends due to having colouring and rebonding sessions done to my hair. So to speak, i do take extra care of my hair! Previously im using the Lucidol frizz free jelly, it doing a great job though. However, now that i have the styling milk to try out, let's see how it helps with my frizzy/untamed hair!
Ok lets start!
STEP 1. Apply Frizz-free styling milk 2-3 Pumps
 (Have a light fruity scent to it, which is a plus point)
Im surpised that does not stiffen my hair, keeping them light and airy and holding that natural look throughout the day. Combing through using my fingers, no sticky feeling AT ALL. Frizz-free effect! I can feel the difference right after.

STEP 2: Spray on Blow-dry Mist
Also, a fruity scent embedded in it. Spray onto damp hair and blow dry using a hair dryer! Comb through by blowing with a sleek curve inwards. If you want, you can also use this before straightening your hair, it protects my hair from the heat as it contains heat activated polymer!
End result, shiny and straight hair! I like how allows my hair to flow down creating a sleek and straight hair look! 
Adding on, the humid weather in Singapore is the bane of many women's hair, causing them to become super dry and get sticky rather easily. With this new series, ill achieve natural beautiful hair that is soft to touch, easy to manage, and looks fresh anytime, all the time.
So Girls, if you have frizzy and untamed hair. i promise you Liese products will definitely be worth the try for every penny spent:) You guys can get yours at watsons anyway!
Alright, thats all for today! Hope you enjoyed what i shared! 

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