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SkinCare Facts: Best ingredient to look for in an eyecream

Hey everyone, if you do sleep late and have dark circles like me, i think you should be interested to read this post! As i will be sharing with you guys about the key ingredients you should look for when are searching for a eye cream/serum/ gel/ roller. I rant and feel really annoyed when i experience milli seeds on my undereye. So, i will share with you guys a brief review on the products i tried.

What i tried?
I do have sensitive and dark eye circles. Hence, all this reviews is based on my own experience, as this eye cream that might not work for me might work for you. No obligations alrightey :)

1) Kiehls - Line Reducing Eye-Brightening Concentrate

Review: Super super upset with this. i got this as a sample and luckily i didnt buy this. First application, have a warm sensation and after 2-3 mins its literally stings my eye. I cried thereafter, its painful that i need to wash it off. Oh yes, the cream turn yellow after a few days and im not sure why? :( Super upset, as this kind of pricey stuff didnt work for me) But i love other Kiehls products that they provide, just not this k.

Results: Nah, its bad, im not going to purchase this. I must say it does not work for sensitive undereye, so pls do not try this if you have sensitive undereye like me. If you wish to get it, please ask the sale assistance for a sample before getting it ok? :)
2) Nivea Anti Shadow Eye Cream

Review: It works like a moisturiser to me cooling and yet it does not reduce my dark eye circles. No, i dont think it works. :(

Results: After a bottle, i feel that undereye is moisturised, but due to the fact that i still sleep late. It didnt do any help to my dark circles. Will i repurchase? i would not, im sorry Nivea, though youre my staple/ favourite brand for body lotions!

NOTE** I still in search of my best eye cream or eye roller, due to the fact that the previous eye roller im sticking to have discontinued in SG. I am really upset. Who knows where to buy L'egere Whitening Anti- Dark Circles Eye Roller ? I know this brand is still available in John little, Bhg and Nishino Pharmacy, but they discontinued the eye roller i've been sticking for years. The below picture is the eye roller i have been using for years:

It claims to:
* Reduce the dark circles (It does to a certain extend)
* Brightening eye contour( Its really cooling when i roll it on)
* Anti bags and wrinkles (No, havent seen the effect on this yet)

So, i read through an article and i wish to share with you guys. What ingredient you should get if you want to get a good eye cream/gel/roller.

So the key ingredients to look for in a smoothing serum would be:

1) Hyaluronic Acid- For plump skin cells nothing beats the hydrating agent hyaluronic Acid which draws moisture from the air and holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water.

2) Ceramide- This is a agent to moisturise and give hydration to the eye or skin area.

3)Retinol-A vitamin A derivative, retinol stimulates cell turnover and collagen production, helping to strengthen skin and reduce complexion imperfections like sun spots and fine lines.

4) Neuropeptides-Supersensitive skin types might opt for a peptide-packed eye cream instead of a retinoic acid one. Like retinol, neuropeptides also stimulate collagen and elastin production, but are gentler on the dermis

5) Vitamin C and E-vitamins C and E are also potent antiaging ingredients. While vitamin C aids in collagen production and skin elasticity, vitamin E soothes and protects.

So in future, i look carefully into the ingredient list if im searching for a eye cream!

All in all, i am still in search for a eye cream that targets anti dark circles and moisturise my undereye without causing any milli seeds. :(

Anyone have any good suggestions? :) Good night lovelies, wish to hear from you soon!

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