Friday, September 07, 2012

Sana's Super Quick Crayon Liner EX Brown

A good eyeliner would definitely define your eyes. And, i find it is kind of depressing if one eyeliner smudge and it is non-waterproof.

Due to the humid weather in Singapore, i never tried a crayon eyeliner. As i have bad experiences of having them smudging so badly after an hour, when im out in the hot sun. I look really ugly and messy, just hate the fact how oily my eyelids can be at the end of the day. Therefore, throughout all the years, i have been sticking to liquid eyeliner.

However, Sana's sponsored event changed my view towards what a crayon eyeliner can do.

Let me introduce to you a eyeliner that is easy to use, smudge proof, waterproof and can be even used as a eyeshadow.


Look, How gorgeous the brown can it be? The soft brown hazel and glitters just brightened up my eyes. I really love how easy it glides on after a swipe and you must try to draw it side ways ok? As the tip is really thick, to achive a thin line you must tilt it side way to achieve a thin line.

To achieve the eyeshadow look, i glide on twice to treat is as an eyeshadow. The soft brown creates a sexy glamorous look, which i really love. This can be used anytime of the day, due to the fact it is smudge-proof and waterproof. Look at the picture above, i tried washing off with running water and wipe it off thereafter. Yet, it stays on perfectly fine, even the glitter is still on. WOW, i must say I am really amazed with the results!

Thanks SANA for the sampling opportunity! I really love the liner!

Do try it out, it is available in SG like Sasa, John Little, BHG and selected Guardian Stores.

Good luck! :)


Ann Chen said...

wow that looks amazing. wish i could get a hold of that in Australia

Jasmine Quek said...

Yea, this eyeliner is really amazing, i put it on with mascara and it looks really good. mayb you try they simply sells everything!